Loyalty is always reciprocal. If you are loyal to your people, they will follow you through fire. Be loyal to your boss. If you don’t think your boss is loyal in return, get a new boss.
    Loyalty means you stand by people, even at personal cost. It doesn’t mean you mindlessly back people up when they’re wrong. It means you give them honest answers, and keep your commitments. It means you take their objectives to be, in part, yours.
    Loyalty plus success is how you build a faction that will support you. It’s how you make a name for yourself. If you have successes, but there is no mutual loyalty between you and your people, you will not make a name for yourself. This is because it is the words others say about you that makes your reputation. People will stick up for you if there is loyalty between them and you. This is a very important idea in building one’s career. A career is success stories, loyalty, and little else.
...a young prince must be prudent,
giving freely while his father lives
so that afterwards in age when fighting starts
steadfast companions will stand by him
and hold the line. Behavior that’s admired
is the path to power among people everywhere.
    - Beowulf

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