You manage people, or manage people who manage people, or mange people who manage people who... and so on. If this is not you, stop reading now and get back to work.
Your Job
Your job is to create value by:
  • Assisting your subordinates (AKA "reports") in their work.
  • Providing information to your boss and others as to what has been accomplished and what can be accomplished.
  • If you are a senior manager, participating in the work of the senior management group.


This is a guide on managing technology projects, groups working on technology, and technology-oriented companies. I started making notes for myself about ten years ago about management insights and techniques. I decided that it's time to shape these up and put them on a blog, for the benefit of those in charge of their first company or project, or for anyone who wants a good laugh and a review of the basics.
    I use the term "improvised management" ironically, because it's redundant. A certain amount of management is paperwork and routine BS. But a goofball making a quarter of your salary could do that work. You are paid to improvise.
    Why listen to me? Why not? I'm an easy read and I'm funny. I've also been successful enough to have interesting insights. I've started or joined four startups, raised money, and sold companies. I've worked for big companies too. I've held every major management position except VP Operations. Moreover, every startup I've had a management role in has ultimately achieved liquidity with a positive return to shareholders. But the thing I'm most proud of is the significant number of people who went through one company with me who have been willing to sign on for the next one.
    "Management Hacks" is meant in both senses of the word: clever shortcuts to good management, and people who would be better off doing something else. I've worked with and for some great managers, and I've worked with some thorough hacks too. I've learned from the great ones, but I've learned as much from the hacks.
    I have tried to write the book I looked for, but could never find. If it is useful to others, I am gratified. This may be read in any order, using any method.